Month: August 2022

Buyers: These Home Appraisal Tips Are for You

Most people have deeply personal reasons for wanting to buy a home.  Maybe it’s the bathroom that feels like a dreamy, modern spa or that two-tiered deck made just for parties.  Your lender doesn’t care about the freestanding tub or the outdoor fire pit.  Their only conceren is that the house you buy is worth […]

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How Smart Home Technology Can Be a Selling Point

Often, we judge a house by it’s good looks.  But, quess what?  Now buyer’s are judging it by its IQ.  Long-buzzed about smart home technology – think thermostats, smart lighting, and appliance controlled security systems are moving into more homes.   Smart home tech can up your coolness factor and make homes easier to operate.  Plus […]

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How Remote Work Affected the Housing Market

Working remotely over the past 2.5 years is partly to blame for the pandemic-era explosion in housing prices, according to a new study.  Remote work accounted for about half of the 23.8% growth nationwide of housing prices since 2019 – at about 15.1% according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped […]

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