Easy Low-Cost Ways to Save Energy

Person pressing buttons on temperature control pad

Check out these low-cost (or no-cost) ways to save energy:

  • Install a programmable thermostat to keep your home warm in the winter & cool in the summer.
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) with the Energy Star label.
  • Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle.
  • Turn off your computer monitor when not in use.
  • Plug home electronics, such as TVs & DVDs into power strips & turn off the strips when not in use.
  • Lower the thermostat on your hot water heater to 120 degrees.
  • Wash only full loads of dishes & clothes.
  • Drive sensibly. Agressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration & braking) wastes gasoline.
  • Look for the Energy Star label on home appliances & products, which meet strict efficiency guidelines set by the US Department of Energy & the EPA.