Basement Upgrades

Child playing with toys on rug

Basements are no longer just a space to throw all that extra storage! Show it as usable space and you may even increase the value of your home! Typically, basement remodels recoup about 70% of their costs at the time of resale which can add a tremendous amount of value to your home. Here are 5 ideas to consider:

  1. Create an in-home theater. Basements are usually cooler and darker than the rest of the house. For that reason, they’re an excellent place to add a theater and watch movies on those hot summer nights. An average TV mount costs around $250, while built-in seating costs anywhere from $850 – $1,500.
  2. Create a new family room. Family rooms often get more use than a living room, so why not get a lot of use of this space throughout the entire year! Consider carpet or tile, put up drywall and add an suspended acoustic ceiling to help insulate the basement from the sounds above!
  3. Make a children’s play area. Why not turn your basement into a new playroom for your children? Start with a staircase – one that is carpeted for more comfort and safety. Ensure that you have egress windows and that the basement is fully waterproofed. From there you can carpet the floor and move your children’s toys downstairs and out of the way!
  4. Create an entertainment space. Consider building a bar in your basement. They are already an ideal place for a wine cellar, so why not take it a step further and add that entertainment area and a bar. A tile floor will give it a more finished look & keep the floors easy to clean. Match the counter top to the floors for a stylish and fresh appearance.
  5. Create a garden/utility room. If you spend time in the garden, you know how many tools, dirt & pots that you collect. Basements are a great place to install a utility sink & counter and store all your paraphernalia. Installing a french drain and a hose will make cleanup a snap, while adding shelving will give your plants a place to sprout.