What’s Involved In Closing Costs?

Money falling into piggy bank

When purchasing a home, you should be aware of and familiar with closing costs and what they entail to avoid any surprises on closing day. Closing costs are made up of different types of fees that are charged by people associated with the home sale, such as banks, lenders, and title companies. Typically, these fees are about 3-4% of the total price of the property being purchased.

Here’s a look at a few of the most common closing costs associated with a home sale!

Underwriting Fee

Average cost is up to $795. Paid to your lender for researching whether or not you were a good candidate for your loan.

Credit Report

Average cost is up to $30. Covers the cost of your tri-merge credit report.


Average cost is up to $450. Paid to the appraisal company for determining the home’s market value.

Title Search Fees & Insurance

Average cost varies. Also called “Exam Fee.” Covers the cost of the title company’s search of the property records.

Closing/Escrow Fee

NYS Mortgage tax: +/- 1%. Recording Fees: $350 – $400. Buyer’s Attorney: +/- $450 – $600.

The above listed are just some of the many different types of fees associating with closing costs. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your Realtor to explain and break down the fees for you!

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